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Quality management

COMETE has engaged for several years a quality approach with the main goal, the satisfaction of our clients.
For this, we offer our customers, products and services which :

  • are in accordance with the product definition ,
  • are in accordance with their expectation,
  • are in accordance with regulatory requirements,
  • are available at a competitive price ,

Our quality system is designed and implemented to achieve these objectives .
This is our guideline tool of our quest for continuous improvement .

System of environmental management

COMETE has put in place in 2009 a system of environmental management .
Our plant and our agencies therefore require the following principles:

  • Recognize the requirements of the community as regards methods of use of raw materials , products and how to conduct operations .
  • Lead our facilities, choose our raw materials and our products to comply with environmental, health and safety.
  • Commitment to manage waste.

Management system of nuclear safety

The nuclear facilities present specific risks because they contain quantities greater or lesser important of radioactive products that can bring about exposure ionizing radiation on persons, populations and the environment.

Nuclear safety covers all the technical and organizational arrangements which are taken into account to prevent accidents and to limit their effects.

The Safety is a state of mind that condition the behaviour and practices of each person. It is not only a question of professionalism , but rather the result of the commitment of all ( leaders and workers).

It is characterized by COMETE in the pursuit of excellence with : a interrogative behaviour, a rigorous and prudent approach , a clear and transparent communication.

COMETE is certified

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    ISO 9001

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Certificat 9001

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Certificat CEFRI

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Certificat UTO

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